Rainbow Prisms

Jan 31st 2021

Rainbow Prisms

My favorite chapter in the Pollyanna story is when Pollyanna discovers the light coming through the prisms in Mr. Pendleton's dreary bedroom.  During these dark days of Winter, I am enjoying making my own Pollyanna Rainbow Prisms and seeing baby rainbows pop up on the wall when the sun shines in.  

"Pollyanna had not hung up three of the pendants in the sunlit window before she saw a little of what was going to happen. She was so excited then she could scarcely control her shaking fingers enough to hang up the rest. But at last her task was finished, and she stepped back with a low cry of delight.

It had become a fairyland--that sumptuous, but dreary bedroom. Everywhere were bits of dancing red and green, violet and orange, gold and blue. The wall, the floor, and the furniture, even to the bed itself, were aflame with shimmering bits of color.

"Oh, oh, oh, how lovely!" breathed Pollyanna; then she laughed suddenly. "I just reckon the sun himself is trying to play the game now, don't you?" she cried..." 

Chapter XVlll - Prisms - Pollyanna

Let rainbows dance in your room with a Pollyanna of Rainbow Prism, hand made in Glad Town! 

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