Pollyanna Rainbow Prism

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One day, Pollyanna spotted a rainbow in Mr. Pendleton's dreary bedroom. The rainbow was the result of sunlight refracted off a thermometer. Pollyanna was delighted to see this phenomenon. Mr. Pendleton went on to make an even more impressive rainbow by taking prism pendants from an old-fashioned candelabrum and hooking them onto a string hung across a window. To Pollyanna's amazement, the sunlight shone through the hanging crystals making the entire room light up with color. "We can make our own rainbows inside!" she exclaimed. Now, you can have your own Pollyanna Rainbow Prism to let your own colors shine through. Each handcrafted one-of-a-kind prism is unique in color and style. Color scheme options are red, blue, pink, purple, and green.

Prisms are on sale in August for just $15/each; includes shipping.