Staying Glad in January Can Be Tough!

Posted by Veronica Francis on Jan 16th 2021

Staying Glad in January Can Be Tough!

Now, more than ever, it is important to protect our Pollyanna Spirit and play the glad game!

Things are tough all over the world this January, but thinking back to when the author of Pollyanna grew up in Littleton in the late 1800's, things were pretty tough then too!  Eleanor thrived through her creative endeavors. 

Eleanor Porter, wrote over a dozen books about social injustice, income inequality and life in New England.  She taught us how to get through tough times with a cheerful novel about a girl who encouraged others to play the glad game. It was a simple message that worked then, and it is a simple message that still works 100 years later.

Play the Glad Game!  Email us and let us know what you are glad about!