Pollyanna Rocks

Posted by golittleton glad shop on Feb 23rd 2023

Pollyanna Rocks

Today in the shop, a nice couple stopped in to browse around. The woman was a Pollyanna Fan and had read both books - Pollyanna and Pollyanna Grows Up - and watches the movie regularly. It is her "go to" movie for those times you just need some comfort. We shared some laughs and her husband was definitely not into all this gladness! She bought a "be glad" ornament and he explained how he had his own grumpy ornament at home. 

I can relate to that story, my husband is proud to be a grump. He appreciates the glad shop, but isn't going to be working here anytime soon! He laughs at my joyful expressions and shakes his head at my optimistic remarks. But it seems to work for us and many other couples I meet at the Glad Shop. Sometimes, the husband is the Pollyanna and the wife is the proud pessimist. It shows how opposites do attract! Whatever works for each of us to get through the day. We need each other, the pessimists need a little optimism, and us Pollyanna's can tolerate their glass half full attitude...sometimes! Hearing a different perspectives helps to keep our minds open and reminds us we can learn from others who do not think like us. Of course, that sounds like an optimistic outlook, but hey, I'm proud to be a Pollyanna! 

As the couple was leaving the store, the wife signed the Glad Guestbook and wrote "Pollyanna Rocks", smiled at her husband, and walked out. 

That made my day.